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Field Stations
Nasaruvaalik (Tern) Island

This is the High Arctic field station at which my team and collaborators have conducted research since 2007 on ground-nesting marine birds and their effects on local wetlands, as well as contamination levels in local biota.

Prince Leopold Island

This High Arctic site is a gem in the crown of Canadian Arctic seabird colonies, and is the site of over 30 years of Arctic seabird population and contaminant monitoring.

Cape Vera

This field station is also in the Canadian High Arctic, located on Devon Island. Most of our published information on Northern Fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) in Canada comes from this site, as well as the seminal work on Arctic biotransport of nutrients and contaminants.


This field station is in the Tantramar Marsh area between the Upper Bay of Fundy and Northumberland Strait, at the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It serves as a centre for coastal wetland / salt marsh research, as well as for research on the ecology of wetland-dwelling wildlife.
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