Mallory Lab - Acadia University

Dr. Jules Blais - Contaminants in the environment
Dr. Birgit Braune - Contaminants in marine birds
Dr. Mark Forbes - Parasites and populations
Dr. Tony Gaston - Arctic marine birds
Dr. Grant Gilchrist - Arctic marine birds
Dr. Karen Kidd - Trace elements in the environment
Dr. Oliver Love - Hormones and bird behaviour
Mr. Nic McLellan - Wetlands and waterbirds in the Maritimes
Mr. Randy Milton - Wetlands and waterfowl in Nova Scotia
Dr. Nelson O'Driscoll - Hg in the environment
Dr. Greg Robertson - Coastal habitats and waterbird survival
Dr. John Smol - Climate change, paleolimnology and all things environmental
Dr. Ian Spooner - Maritime limnology and paleoclimate
Dr. Don Stewart - Genetics


Acadia University - Biology - Home base
Adventure Canada - The best in Arctic expedition ship travel
Ducks Unlimited Canada - Waterfowl and wetlands issues
International Polar Year - Arctic seabird work
Lotek Wireless - Geolocator telemetry
Microwave Telemetry - Satellite transmitters
Nunavut Wildlife Management Board - Arctic wildlife matters
Polar Continental Shelf Program - Arctic logistics
Important Bird Areas for Nunavut - Great, first-cut resource on Arctic birds

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