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This book is a collection of scientific papers on biota of the Hudson Bay region and the responses of those biota to a changing marine environment, largely driven by climate change. The book was supported by research that sprung from the International Polar Year in Canada. The book is published by Springer-Verlag and is available through standard book distributors.

Common Plants of Nunavut was written by my wife, Carolyn Mallory, and Dr. Susan Aiken. This book is part of a series produced in Nunavut for educational purposes, and was published with support from the Government of Nunavut Department of Education, the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board and the Canadian Museum of Nature. It is distributed to all schools in Nunavut so that all Grade 8 students have a copy to use. The book comes in English and Inuktitut, and a French version is also available. Not intended as a field guide per se, it is nonetheless a wonderful resource in the field, and particularly interesting for those who want to read a bit about traditional Inuit uses for Arctic plants.

The original print run of the book is sold out, but Inhabit Media has recently produced a revised version available through major book distributors such as Indigo/Chapters.

Common Insects of Nunavut was also written by my wife, Carolyn Mallory. Despite their ecological importance, our knowledge of Arctic insects in Canada remains very limited. This book is not a field guide, but rather it describes the common broad taxa (often at the Order or Family level), their functional role in the Arctic, and includes some Inuit traditional knowledge on certain groups. This book is available through major book distributors such as Indigo/Chapters.

Common Birds of Nunavut is my first book written completely by moi, and I provide most of the photographs. Like the books above, the book was written for Grade 8 classes across Nunavut, and hence is translated into Inuktitut, bu the version shown here is the commercial version, available at Amazon and Indigo. Seabirds figure prominently in this book :)

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